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Duralite diamond drills design and manufacture high quality drills and drilling equipment. With a wide range of fabrication, manufacturing, and support facilities, Duralite provides high performance diamond drills that meet the expectations of consumers. Duralite works hard to ensure that each product’s performance lives up to its name.

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I worked for about 15 years in Alaska for USB / RTZ as Regional Manager in different drilling fields in Alaska, additionally I administered QUARTZ HILL MOLY drilling for the first 8 years. Once we had 6 drills operating, while using 4 Tempsco helicopters loading full-time drills and their parts. Duralite has made enormous progress in reducing weight by distributing it in modules, which makes travel easier, reducing transportation costs. Regardless of the terrain you are working on, using DURALITE drills will save you time and money. You really should take the time to review and evaluate these portable and lightweight drills.

Jackie E. Stephens P.

Geo. Minera Lyell S.A. de C.V.

Everyone loves to transport the Duralite 500 ”It’s fast and has fewer parts, if a drill were that simple, it would open more pilots carrying drills.

Chris Rodway

Geo. Minera Lyell S.A. de C.V.

Greenland Mining Services A / S proud to be the first to have a Duralite drill in the foreign market. For today GMS owns three Duralite 500N, we have now set a record in meters reached in the 2007 drilling season in Greenland and for 2008 we will set a new record. GMS will continue to use Duralite Diamond Drills in the future and recommends the portable system for work in remote areas.

Johannes Kyed

Having transported the Duralites, it is an effective and efficient drill. Large sections of the drill can be moved in a single lift for faster movements and the drill can be carried down quickly to accommodate different weights, thicknesses and atmospheric conditions.

Craig Mayo

Pilot, Canadian Helicopters
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MULE 2.0

MULE 2.0

OVERVIEW: The Duralite Mule 2.0 is the newest version from our Mule Line, improving the design making it easiest and versatile for our customers with the best quality and materials. All aspects of the Mule have been designed to ensure…



OVERVIEW: The Duralite MiniRock is constructed from only the best quality materials and is designed to be rugged and agile. All aspects of the MiniRock have been designed to ensure maximum safety for the user(s). It is constructed of mainly…



OVERVIEW: Duralite Diamond Drills are constructed from only the best quality materials and are designed to be both durable and lightweight. All aspects of the drill have been designed to ensure maximum safety for the user(s). Considerable attention has been…