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Hace varios años, Duralite Diamond Drills decidió devolver a la comunidad internacional, y ayudar a niños con privilegios en diferentes áreas del mundo a través de organizaciones de renombre. El primer proyecto de este tipo fue posible gracias a una donación a la Casa Agape en Tailandia (con misioneros originarios de Terranova).

This donation helped to renovate a house for children affected by HIV/AIDS in that area. Some of the money was also given to a local man who is a single father with HIV. He used the money to install a rack on his scooter that could then be used as a taxi.

The next project was done through the Maranatha Pentecostal Church of Triton, NL in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This donation enabled the missionaries (who are originally from Newfoundland) and the organization that they work for to build/complete an addition to the local school.

The most recent project has been donations to La Casita de Nicolas, which is an Orphanage located in Medellin, Colombia. Duralite’s President, Jerry Jones, visited the orphanage during one of his recent trips to Medellin. The donations have helped fund toys, clothes, and necessities at the orphanage.

The latest CHARITY effort by DURALITE DRILLS has been the making of DONATIONS to the “Non-Profit MEXICAN ROUNDUP CORP (MRC). It in turn has Conventions that donates all its “net-funds” to Local University GEOSCIENCE Departments to help young students in Geology, Mining and Metallurgy.

The MRC management & directors take no pay & it has Donated +$20,000 USA dollars to UNISON, UES & UTH Universities in the last 3 years.



8 Main Street Triton, NL, Canada A0J 1V0
T: (709) 263-7221
F: (709-263-7231


Calle 60 Sur # 43A - 28
Sabaneta - Antioquia
TEL.:+57 (311) 380 6951


C. Rosales # 11, Proyecto Rio Sonora, Hermosillo
Sonora, México
TEL.:+52 (662) 250 8867 / +52 (662) 251 6051

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